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3 weeks and a Day Update!


My Mom’s Perspective – video!

Hey Folks, Now that I know video can load to my laptop, I decided to ask my mom a few questions about her perspective on my surgery and this experience as a whole. Asher P.S. My Mom is fabulous, eh? 🙂

Day 10 – Photos

Hey Everyone, With my mom’s help, I was able to make myself pretty today…so I thought I’d share some pictures.  🙂 I’m still not able to take a shower (cause my grafts can’t get wet), but my mom has been helping to wash my hair.  Also, I’m not really a bath guy…but I’ve been enjoying … Continue reading

The Lack of Safety in Gendered Spaces

Hey Friends, Here’s an update on how things have gone in the week since surgery (it’s now been 8 days!).  Along with giving a bit of info on my physical healing, I also wanted to share some of my experiences in public spaces since surgery. One of the most immediate changes has been the way … Continue reading

The Power of Names — Asher/Pen

A Tale of Two Ashers Hey Friends, So, in a conversation with a friend (in the past few days), the idea of (my) names came up.  Just to give a broader context, this idea of names has been pretty explicitly tied to my feelings of agency in owning my body, my voice, and the way … Continue reading

The Procedure

Hey Friends, Okay, so as much as I should probably be resting, I’ve got tons of energy…and I want to write about the process I’ve gone through the last 12 hours.  I also want to record this while it’s all still fresh in my head. I’m hoping that this might provide insight to other folks … Continue reading

8am EST, Surgery

Hey All, The night before surgery, I was surprised at how calm I was able to be. As I drifted asleep last night around 11, I pictured myself on the surgery table. I was fully content to be asleep, and the surgery went by so quickly. With every minute, more of my chest was being … Continue reading

Leaving Boston

Hey Everyone, I wanted to do a quick update before I leave for Toronto tomorrow morning. My trip has slowly (and also quickly) crept up on me.  I didn’t really pack until tonight, the night before I’m leaving.  As I’ve mentally moved into a place to embrace that this is really happening, I’ve been thinking … Continue reading

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