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Leaving Boston

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to do a quick update before I leave for Toronto tomorrow morning.

My trip has slowly (and also quickly) crept up on me.  I didn’t really pack until tonight, the night before I’m leaving.  As I’ve mentally moved into a place to embrace that this is really happening, I’ve been thinking of ways to prepare for this journey.

Some of the ways I’ve been trying to physically prepare…based on advice I’ve found from other blogs about recovering from surgery.

  • I’ve cut down my caffeine intake (mostly just my daily coffee).
  • I’ve also made sure not to drink any alcohol in the past month or so
  • I don’t really smoke, but if I did…I would’ve stopped to make sure my body was able to heal as quickly as it can.
  • I’ve also tried to load up on vitamins, including multivitamins and vitamin C.

Honestly, I’m still kind of worried/stressed because I’m recovering from a wicked cold.  I’ve been sick since Monday night, but I’ve been starting to feel better the last few days.  However, I’m still fairly congested…and I’m worried that this will delay my surgery.

About a month ago, I had a call with a nurse from the clinic and thought to ask about what would happen if I got sick.  The nurse said that since folks get put under for the surgery, it’s important to not have any sickness or blocked airways.  So with this in mind, even as I feel better every day, I’m still worried that they’ll decide to delay surgery until I start feeling better.  If this happens, they said they’d be able to reschedule as soon as possible, so that can always be an option.

As it stands, I haven’t booked a return flight back yet with my mom.  We did this to keep plans open for when I get my dressings off after 10-14 days. One I get them off, I’m free to come back to Boston with my mom.  I’ll keep folks updated, but my plans are to come back on the 19th, 2 weeks after my top surgery.

My Packing List:

I’ll be in Toronto for a bit over 2 weeks, so I wanted to make sure to pack enough clothes and things to keep me occupied while I’m away.  As for clothes, I was told to bring shirts that open in the front since it’ll be hard to get something over my head after surgery.

I also wanted to make sure I’ll have things to keep me occupied while I’m in recovery.  My mom was super excited to tell me about all the travel games she picked up for us to play.  I’m also bringing a ton of DVDs and a portable speaker system so I can plug in books on tape. I’ll also be getting what folks have called a “boyfriend” pillow, which will keep me propped up in bed.  I’m told this is important cause it can be really hard to get up from lying down completely horizontally on a bed, so this can be an easy way to sleep comfortably without causing stress/pain when I want to get up.

I’m not yet sure about my mobility while I’m in recovery, but I’m hoping to be able to leave the hotel after a few days.  From google maps, it looks like there’s a strip mall with a movie theater across the street, so I’ll probably be up and about the 2nd week I’m there.  Also, I’m excited to connect with some friends in the area, one is coming in from Montreal to spend time with me.

Thinking of ways to help?

So before I leave, I also wanted to let folks know that I’ll have 2 people organizing folks who have offered to help.  While I’m away, I’m mostly concerned with my cat, Prince Fluffers.  But when I get back, I’ll love help with car rides for me/my mom to the store to get groceries, help with laundry, and cooked food. (I was told that eating food with utensils can be really hard, so I’m planning on eating things like sandwiches or burritos that I can hold in my hands without moving my arms back and forth with each bite.

So, for folks who are interested in helping, feel free to shoot me a note on facebook…and I can try to connect you with my two friends who are coordinating this effort.

To everyone, thanks for wishing me well!  I’m so excited to be so close. 🙂




About Queerly Asher

I'm a genderqueer, trans-masculine Jew. I grew up/went to school in the Midwest (UW-Madison) and recently re-located to Boston (Jamaica Plain, MA) to work as a Community Organizer with a LGBT & Queer Jewish organization. I started this wordpress to document my experiences and journey of my own psychological, emotional, and physical form of transition. We'll see where it goes!


One thought on “Leaving Boston

  1. So, as one of those people helping to coordinate support and ❤ upon your return, I just wanted to throw out that people who want to help out can also email me directly at my keshet email – joanna at keshetonline.org, and I'll let you know where help is still needed.

    Posted by Jo | April 2, 2011, 12:02 pm

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