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8am EST, Surgery

Hey All,

The night before surgery, I was surprised at how calm I was able to be. As I drifted asleep last night around 11, I pictured myself on the surgery table. I was fully content to be asleep, and the surgery went by so quickly. With every minute, more of my chest was being morphed into something that looked and felt right.

I’ll write more about this once I’m able to, but it was so amazing. I think I kind of adapted a sports trick that I learned while in high school. When I was nervous about upcoming games, I would picture myself doing well, sinking shots, scoring goals, etc. Once I had already lived it, it was less stressful once the day came…I had already gone through it once.

We’ll see how I feel today, but for now…I’m just so excited to be doing this. It’s been a long time coming!

❤ Asher


About Queerly Asher

I'm a genderqueer, trans-masculine Jew. I grew up/went to school in the Midwest (UW-Madison) and recently re-located to Boston (Jamaica Plain, MA) to work as a Community Organizer with a LGBT & Queer Jewish organization. I started this wordpress to document my experiences and journey of my own psychological, emotional, and physical form of transition. We'll see where it goes!


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