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3 month — update

Hey Folks,

It’s February…despite the fact that winter hasn’t set in, I’ve been trying to make time to hibernate in my place, drinking coffee and playing guitar.  I’ve come across a new folk artist, Gregory Alan Isakov.  Super exciting!

Also here are a few spot on/important pieces from the past few weeks:

It’s a longer post, but definitely worth a read.  I know, at least for myself, this issue of how to respond when potentially well-meaning folks ask questions that aren’t appropriate often leaves me feeling powerless.  Also, it isn’t just cisgender, straight folks who need to read this.  LGBQ folks and trans/GNC folks, let’s practice better solidarity!  We’re all responsible to hold ourselves accountable and power hierarchies exist among us all.  I mess up all the time — and convos among friends help hold me accountable.  

Warning: This article is potentially triggering [violence/abuse] 

Look, I’m not going to lie.  I’ve got  a number of reasons why I’m critical and often wary of police.  While these abuses have been documented against the NYPD, the same types of treatment have been brought up by friends of mine from folks in DC to Oakland to Chicago, and Lansing, Michigan.

There’s lots more to say about the ways that the prison/police system does so much damage and perpetuates violence against the most marginalized folks in our society, but this is a place to start (or continue).

Check out this great org, Black and Pink, to learn more.

Okay, finally…here’s a video update.  My 3 month update!

❤ Asher


About Queerly Asher

I'm a genderqueer, trans-masculine Jew. I grew up/went to school in the Midwest (UW-Madison) and recently re-located to Boston (Jamaica Plain, MA) to work as a Community Organizer with a LGBT & Queer Jewish organization. I started this wordpress to document my experiences and journey of my own psychological, emotional, and physical form of transition. We'll see where it goes!


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