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The Procedure

Hey Friends, Okay, so as much as I should probably be resting, I’ve got tons of energy…and I want to write about the process I’ve gone through the last 12 hours.  I also want to record this while it’s all still fresh in my head. I’m hoping that this might provide insight to other folks … Continue reading

8am EST, Surgery

Hey All, The night before surgery, I was surprised at how calm I was able to be. As I drifted asleep last night around 11, I pictured myself on the surgery table. I was fully content to be asleep, and the surgery went by so quickly. With every minute, more of my chest was being … Continue reading

Choosing My Surgeon/Clinic

It’s about a week out from my trip to Canada.  Now that things seem to be settling down a bit for me at work, I’m trying to take some time to explore what I’m feeling. As I’ve connecting with folks about my nerves and excitement about surgery, one really basic question keeps coming up: What … Continue reading

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